Public Services Lighting

Eclairage services publics

Why should you use Win4led for public lighting, Administration, monuments and public buildings?

Public Services Lighting

An LED lighting study involves creating a personalised design for an individual, shops, offices, warehouses, businesses, outdoor facilities, buildings, apartments, new constructions, renovations, etc.

Win4led uses Dialux Evo to render lighting in 3D and offers you a wide choice of partner brands: Trio Lighting, Lucide, Idtolight, Sélène, Elesi, Leds-C4, Molto-Luce, Exenia, Feilo Sylvania, SLV, Lucide, Castaldi, Kreon, Indigo,Delta Electronics, Stopled, and more.

With our e-shop, you can place your orders at your convenience and we will help you select the products that suit you best.

Our partners include Infrabel, communes, athenea, clinics, among others, and we thank them for their trust.

By playing with shadows using what is called “invisible” light, whether coloured or natural light, anything is possible with LED lighting. Thanks to our wide range of outdoor lighting, particularly architectural lighting (Griven, Lumenpulse) and many other major brands, we can make your plans a reality.

The art of architectural or outdoor lighting (park & garden) is to be able to bring out the details of the architecture of buildings by playing with the shadows that can be created by highlighting buildings, trees or statues. All this is now possible with LED lighting thanks to the different optics, or RGB lighting with lighting management options from the simplest to the most sophisticated (DMX).

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