Professional LED Lighting

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Professional LED Lighting

Advice and supply for professionals
Win4led has specialised in the supply of LED lighting for 5 years, and has been acquiring experience in the business of distribution for almost 10 years.

Thanks to our Pro access, our professionals, electricians and upkeep and maintenance service, architects can take advantage of our technical support, our return on investment calculator (ROI), our access to a quotation tool and turn their quote into an order using our professional e-shop.

Win4led supports you in your lighting projects thanks to its Dialux studies, its wide choice of products, as well as advice and commercial support.

If you are interested in creating a partnership. The Win4led team will be happy to meet your needs.

Win4led is a supplier of many well-known brands such as:
Trio Lighting, Lucide, Idtolight, Sélène, Elesi, Leds-C4, Molto-Luce, Exenia, Feilo Sylvania, SLV, Lucide, Castaldi, Kreon, Indigo, Delta Electronics, Stopled, Linergy, PSM Lighting, Ségula, V-tac

Win4led advises and provides lighting for:
LED Tubes, LED Framing, LED panels, LED Bell, LED Strips, LED ribbons, LED Strip Profile, LED Drivers, LED Remote Controls, LED Street Lighting, LED projectors, LED sealed containers, LED Bulbs, LED Spotlights, LED Retrofitting, LED exterior lighting, Wall mounted, floor recessed LED, outdoor beacon LED, Washer LED, Sports lighting, LED floodlights, LED emergency block, LED downlighting, Recessed LED spotlights, LED tracklighting, decorative LED lighting, LED Suspension Design

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