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Win4led has been specialising in LED lighting for several years. We provide advice, design lighting projects and supply all lighting fixtures, whether traditional or equipped with LED technology. We supply professionals, companies, architects, individuals, and more.

Alexandre Dauvister
My name is Alexandre Dauvister, I founded the company in 2014 I was working in the area before that.
This is my story:
Aujourd’hui, j’ai 34 ans et voici déjà 14 ans que j’ai l’âme d’un entrepreneur.
Après mes études d’éducateur, j’ai travaillé comme freelance après journée dans le domaine de l’assurance pendant 5 ans, ce qui m’a donné de la confiance en moi et appris beaucoup dans le domaine commercial.

Today, I am 34 years-old and 14 years ago I had the soul of an entrepreneur.

After my studies as an educator, I worked freelance in insurance for 5 years, which gave me confidence and taught me a lot about sales.
During these 5 years, I was responsible for a DIY store for 2 years. Over these two years, I learned about managing a business, purchasing management, inventory management, staff management, etc. It was there, that I had my first contact with professional customers.

Then my brother gave me the opportunity to help him develop his business. At the time, in 2007, he had a team of 5 people working heating and solar power. My role was to use my experience to better organise this growing company.

I started by setting up an IT management tool, negotiating with suppliers and improving purchasing management. I then became responsible for the solar power service, which was growing very quickly. Growing from 3 to 12 people in 6 months, I had to set up a commercial structure, logistics, accounting and a very effective installation to meet clients’ needs.

During the same period, we had the chance to acquire the import of the brand SUNPOWER which allowed us to set up the marketing of their product in our market.
In June 2008, after some market analysis, I found that there was no wholesaler specialising in solar power in the French-speaking Belgian market. We, and our colleagues, had to buy from abroad as the business was only just beginning.

In October 2008, “ECOSTAL” (ECOlogie, STéphane, ALexandre) was born. I took on management and start the slightly mad dream of being a wholesaler specialising in solar power. I had to start all over again. After 15 months of activity, at the end of 2009, we already had 10 people on our staff and had generated almost 10 million euros in turnover.
We were riding the wave of this very complicated sector. For several years, I rode this wave, with all its ups and downs, but remained a key player in the field.

It was in 2012 that I took on Claudio LOT to help me with daily management. This allowed me to concentrate on doing what I liked best: advising and supplying professionals.

In 2013, the market being very changeable, we decided to find a new range of products to distribute. I took charge of this research and after a short time, I choose to study LED lighting which was coming onto the market.
This market had not yet been explored, and once again I was in the first to specialise in this area.

In 2014, “WIN4LED” was born to keep the activities separate.
Once again, I had to start all over again. I developed win4led with a sales team while working at Ecostal for 2 years.

In 2016, I left the management to Claudio and I devoted 100% of my time to the development of Win4led.

In 2 years, I tripled turnover and I do not intend to stop there.
Today, I have a powerful team:

Vincent Delahaut, who with his 25 years of experience brings us added value in the knowledge and creation of projects. Having common values and wanting to take on a new challenge, Vincent joined the team in April 2017
Mélissa Cansse, who joined the team in October 2016. She is in charge of daily administrative and accounting management. She is responsible for E-marketing development, over-the-counter sales and developing lighting projects for individuals.
Today, we are starting 2018 with a dynamic, motivated, smiling, welcoming team that wants to share its knowledge in the field of LED lighting.

I have always respected a few values that make me want to continue my work:
· What is very important to me, and what I try to live by:
· Now you know a little more about me and WIN4LED. I hope that I’ve made you want to contact us so that we can give you our best advice.