LED Sports Lighting

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Why use Win4led for sports LED lighting?

LED Sports Lighting

Win4led supports you with advice in choosing products specific to your sports activity as well all sports LED lighting in general: football, tennis, padel, gyms, squash, badminton, table tennis, horseriding, stadium, multisports halls, floodlights, and more.

We will carry out a Dialux light study (photometric study) as each lighting project is different. We must meet the various standards required by sports federations (Average uniformity of lighting, average floor lux, UGR, etc.)

Sports lighting is very important for proper matches. However, these days almost all sports centres are fitted with energy-hungry lights that will soon disappear. Each federation is subject to its own technical constraints for lighting. Win4led will advise you with an exclusive distribution partnership with the Stopled brand (Arena Projector, Titan Projector, etc.).

We’ll help you save money, reduce maintenance costs and get better lighting that is uniform and glare-free.

See more about our specific LED lighting for sports lighting. As each project is different, we need a wide range to meet all requirements. Led spotlights, Led tubes, Led continuous line, Light bar, Ufolight, and more. All these sources have been studied to allow uniform lighting, optimal rendering, and resistance to all tests.

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