LED lighting study

étude éclairage led

Advice and provision of lighting for individual cases.

LED lighting study

An LED lighting study involves creating a personalised design for an individual, shops, offices, warehouses, businesses, outdoor facilities, buildings, apartments, new constructions, renovations, etc.

Win4led uses Dialux Evo to render lighting in 3D and offers you a wide choice of partner brands: Trio Lighting, Lucide, Idtolight, Sélène, Elesi, Leds-C4, Molto-Luce, Exenia, Feilo Sylvania, SLV, Lucide, Castaldi, Kreon, Indigo,Delta Electronics, Stopled, and more.

Our role is to provide advice on the best quality/price for LED lighting according to each LED lighting project. We can build a partnership with your architect or electrician for the supply of LED lighting, or simply supply you directly.

Whether it is lighting for a renovation, a new build, tertiary sector, industrial or an SME, our organisation is governed by the light we receive and see. You will feel much better in a space that is lit intelligently, by creating lighting atmospheres that serve your needs, whereas a poorly lit shop or house will not be pleasant or enjoyable.

Lighting is not an exact science and each individual’s perception is different. Thanks to our professional team who are constantly trained in LED developments, we are able to carry all your most demanding projects while listening to you, most importantly.

A personalised study of your interior or exterior lighting is our priority, in order to combine aesthetics, simplicity and economy in our LED lighting solutions. A 3D simulation will bring your future project to life and allow you to see the finished result.

In addition to the criteria we know of for lighting – luminosity, efficiency, consumption – there is something that we tend to forget, and which is one of the most important factors in Lightning shop lighting: the CRI (colour rendering index). Has this ever happened to you: you have been in a shop, for leather goods, clothes, or whatever, and you have had to leave the shop to see the real colour of your purchase?

With our professional LED solutions, as well as a general lighting of your space and accentuation systems of your products, we make it a point to bring you LED solutions which highlight the colours of your most valuable goods. This is equally true for lighting in hair salons.

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