Industrial LED Lighting

Eclairage LED industriel

Why call Win4led?

Industrial LED Lighting

LED lighting for industry and factories
Win4led advises you in choosing the best products at the best prices for each field of activity.

We visit the site to take an inventory of fixtures, to take existing lighting readings and necessary quotations if you do not have dwg plans, in order to carry out an LED lighting study using Dialux that will define the power of the lighting which you need.

We will calculate your budget and your return on investment to best achieve your project. We can recommend partners to complete the installation if necessary.

We guarantee a quick supply, with reliable, quality products that meets the desired standards.

Among our industrial partners, we have FN Herstal, Nomacorc, Technifutur, Engie, TNT, Radermacker and others who have put their trust in us.

Industrial lighting is unfortunately very little considered and yet, it is just as important as domestic lighting or any other type of lighting. Thanks to our LED solutions, we can bring you visual and economic comfort. How many times have we encountered under-lit storage aisles where it is sometimes almost impossible to read labels? How often do we see storage areas remaining lit unnecessarily when no-one is passing through? Thanks to our LED solutions and intelligent light management we can help you to better manage your spaces.

Visual comfort in your workplace is very important, be aware that insufficient lighting in this space can give you visual problems, headaches and a state of tiredness, whether under- or overlit. For this reason, it is very important to use adequate lighting in your workplace. This is why we use state-of-the-art LED lights in terms of efficiency, economy and glare.

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